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I have been a strong believer in Hoopsklyce for 5 years now. My son is a writer for a fantasy site for baseball and football. He and I trust and rely heavily on the ratings from HoopsKlyce. There is nothing that is comparable and as accurate at forecasting available on the fantasy market. As a client I have been handled with extreme courtesy and will continue to use the Hoopsklyce ratings that have helped my son and I win championships in Yahoo and CBS Sportsline leagues. If you want to be able to trust someone that has been doing this for years and has been successful then you have found the right website.- Jim "Papa" Dinkmeyer

I won last year in a VERY competitive league, becoming the first team in leagues 10 year history to lead wire to wire from day one and every day there after. Thanks because last year I told you that I was going to take a big risk and rely on ONLY your website for information to help me throughout the season. The changes you made last year were spot on, keep up the flow of information. John J

As always, Hoops Klyce is the best way to prepare for your fantasy draft, and the preseason and regular season emailers are the absolute best and fastest way to keep up to date on player performances. I have been using Hoops for over 10 years, and would never think of using any other service! Hans Rempel

No player position requirements. Every year you provide great info. I have sometimes won, and usually finished in the money, and I certainly wouldn't have done it without Hoops Klyce! J. Farrell

By using your rankings last year, I not only won our league but dominated. Robert G.

My co-owner and I used your service again last year for the fourth straight year and finished first for the third time out of the last four years. The other year we finished in second. Jon M

I won my league wire to wire last year with your help. Joseph W.

I won my league last season after three straight 2nd place finishes. Your rankings, projections and player descriptions played a big part in my recent run of success. Thanks! Bruce E

Dear Hoops, I can't believe we're here again. Thanks for your past help. Finished first twice in a row out of 7 teams a couple of years ago (injuries got me the last two years) in my big $ league and second three years in a row in a 14 team small $ league. Looking forward to your service again which I can't do without. Viper

I have ordered from you before and won last year thanks to you. Greg G

Also, after more than 20 years I finally won my first league title. I used your service to determine the value of the players in my league and traded 2 top 12 players to get Lebron. I traded names for production and won. Thanks and keep it up. M Paplin

Hoops!! I am excited to use your service once again this year! You NAILED our auction draft values!! Thanks to your advice we finished in the $ and plan to do so again with your awesome advise and stat crunching! You are THE MAN!!! If you make Hoopsklyce T shirts....I want one! - J. Zamoiski

I competed in two leagues last seasons with vastly different scoring systems and finished 1st in both, so you must be doing something right with your reports!All the best,John S.

David, I am back for another year! The streak continues as I once again finished in the money! Thomas H.

Last year I traded Nash and Bosh to get Lebron because of your projections and it won the league for me. Mike P.

I have been using your service for 4-5 year now and believe it is the best available by far. Not a lot of fluff (or just plain BS) like some of the bigger more famous sites, but the best insight and statistical rankings available (especially if you have any non-standard categories or a non-standard mix of categories). Overall, I think your rankings are the best available. Chris W

Glad to be working with you again. As a showcase of your service - I did come out victorious in my fantasy league again last year! Jim W

Thanks so much, and keep up the great work! You are the best! Matt K

This will be my 3rd year using HoopsKlyce's draft rankings and season-long updates. I wouldn't join a NBA Fantasy League without it! Did it really help? You betcha it did... In 2007 won the League Championship and a runner-up 2nd in 2008. Robert P

You did it again! I started using your service for the 2005-06 season, I won the league Championship that season for the first time... after 7 years of trying. I renewed for the 2006-07 season and was able to repeat as Champion. I couldn't have done it without you Klyce, you're the best out there by far. You can bet I'm coming onboard again for this season. Thanks man! Bob P

Just wanted to send you a short note of thanks. Prior to using your service I routinely finished out of the money. Since using your service, I routinely finish in the money. And finally, after 15 years of trying, this year I took home the championship!! Your service and prognostication is the key to my success.Thomas H.

After using your service to prep for my draft, I’m very pleased to let you know that, although it’s early in the season, we are leading our 11 team league by a wide margin.Mike P

The best thing you do that's helped me is the notes emails you distribute. They have helped me to snag more that one free agent/waiver player who has gone on to help. Also you have done an efficient job of updating YTD and last 10 days and though this only gives what has happened and not what might or will happen it still allows for a look at trends so is also valuable, esp. last 10 days. Thanks. John J

I've subscribed to you twice before and have made my playoffs both times. Thanks for doing a great job! Zach S

Last year's champ mentioned you in his victory speech..so this year I will! Laurance B

Thanks so much - and I promise to use your service for next years draft; you do a great job. Here is an interesting note on our league this year - we have been doing this for almost 20 years now, and typically the team that is injury free wins. This year the teams have been riddled with injuries - and my team is battling it out for first, even though I have Mark West (out 2 months), Lamar Odom (out a month), Rashard Lewis (out 6 weeks) and Alan Iverson (out a month) on my team, in fact all 4 of those guys were out at the same time. John C.

I think this is my 8th year with HoopsKlyce. Have been "in the money" every year with your help. Mike L

To quote a Britney Spears song, "Hoops, I did it again!" First place bud. Everyone looked at me funny during the draft when I took Chris Paul with my early 2nd round pick (after getting Elton Brand in the 1st). From your cheat sheet, I knew I was getting first round value. I was a guy who basically went into the draft with you just your cheat sheet. The team I drafted gave me so much depth that I was able to make a mid-season move to sew up the league, without skipping a beat. Your cheat sheet and weekly updates were primo. Thanks for the assist. Name Withheld So I Can Win Again Next Year

4 leagues, 3 - 12 team league, 1 14 team league: 1 first 1 second 2 thirds All due to hard work and your fantastic basketball insight. Thank you Steve PS it would have been at least 3 firsts if Paul Pierce and Mike Redd were not shut down in the next to last week.

I won my league again this year, just wanted to say thanks a million! I have begun a dynasty as my last three years I have finished 2nd, 1st, and now 1st again. Keep up the great work! Your loyal customer, Bryan F

I played in two Fantasy Leagues last year & won both. The only source I used were your reports. Henry

Last year I used your auction dollars and rankings for a snake draft because league rules were changed. I drew the 1st pick and I ended up getting first place with very limited roster moves. On top of that, I drafted for another guy who was absent and he drew the final 14th pick. He placed 2nd in the league with very limited roster moves. Those two examples are why I'm back this year.

I got your repot last year and finished second but won the playoffs! I know little about basketball so it shocked my friends. Thanks!! Edward S

You have become the #1 bestseller at our draft. Whereas guys use to come in with multiple fantasy basketball magazines, now they are armed with just four pieces of paper - the Hoops Klyce Preseason Player Rating Report!John B

I can't believe it is time for another draft. We have used your services for MANY years ... and you are always the best support system for our fantasy team's efforts. Bruce R

I've been a customer for 9 years now and only once have I not made the playoffs during that time and that was due to some disastrous injuries that season. In that time I've won my league 3 times and finished 2nd three. My draft sheets from your website are consistently better than any of the other teams in my league and I'm always better prepared. Thanks again in advance for another great season. Mike

I think this is my 5th year using Hoops/Klyce as my primary advisor and I have been in the money every year and won the league once. Was doing great last year until I lost key players to injuries (Kirilenko, Arenas, and Jefferson among others). Still made a few bucks ---- more than the cost of H/K. Mike L

Your service is outstanding and a great help when you're crunched for prep time. Stephen

HoopsKlyce is an invaluable resource for busy people who want quality rankings! Chris C

As you know, I've been purchasing your report for years now and it's very insightful. It's very useful in the late rounds of my draft when I'm pondering between 2 or more players. I've placed every year I've used it and my league is ultra competitive. Keep up the great work. Larry

I have been a satisfied customer for several years now. Last year I finished in 2nd place in my league (it came down to the last week of games) and I look forward to your assistance in finishing first. I particularly enjoyed picking Amare, Bibby and Hinrich last year when I did encouraged by your evaluations! Bruce

Man, you're good... this Pre-Season report is freakin' awesome! I feel better prepared walking into this year’s fantasy draft then any other I've ever done. Best part about it... I did about 1/4 the amount of work, and yet I have the most organized, complete and easy to reference information that I've ever walked into a draft night with. Sweet! Robert

I have used HoopsKlyce for the last 5 years and have won championships with these ratings. I will come back each year. Jim Hyla

I think you guys do a great job in helping me with the draft and throughout the season - It's great to know that I can always count on ya! Tom

I have been using this site for about 4 or five years and have made the playoffs every year. Great site and info. Keith

I used HoopsKlyce last year for the 1st time and finished 2nd overall, mostly because of injuries. I feel if some of my top players did not get hurt, I would of blown the rest of the managers out of the water. This site is one of a kind, I love the fact I can personalize my scoring system and include my positions. By including the positions, it really allows Mr. HoopsKlyce, to generate the best possible pre-draft/performance rankings since you might be playing multiple guard or forward positions. I am back for year 2 and hope I can receive the same outstanding service I experienced last year. Greg

By the way, your stats last year set the foundation for my team and I went from last place in my first year and last in playoffs in my second to league champ last year. Your payment will come directly out of my winnings. I've created a spreadsheet that acts as a draft tool which uses your rankings and splits everything into ranking by stats and by position so I can live draft with confidence. When a player is drafted it bumps the next best to the top of each category. It worked great last year and hopefully it will work even better this year. Thus my team name has been the Excel Spreadsheets. And now the Sheets are the defending champ. Damon

Your updates have been awesome this season. Thanks for keeping us informed. I did not have the best draft this year but still have a pretty good team. I have a lot of depth so hopefully I will be there at the end. Mike

Thanks very much, I got a late start this year but I am in first in my league and have another draft for another league tonight. I have used your service the last couple of years and it has really helped me out winning 3 out of 5 year league titles. Keep up the good work. Jim J

"Fantasy basketball magazines are a joke. There is really only one on the market. Owners that want to do well need to get their information from the next level. Standing at that level, you will find Hoops Klyce. What I like about Hoops is that he tells you players you need to keep an eye on during the draft. Most of his picks are spot on. Also, he advises you how to balance your team so that you don't win some categories by tons of points but bomb out in others. Balance is the key to any rotisserie league and Hoops helps walk you through the landmines. Thanks Hoops, Anonymous (I don't want my owners to see how I beat them)"

"The best tool anyone can own at a draft." Robert A

"Return customer who is hooked!" Jay S

"Have used your service for at least the last five years and always did very well" Joe L

"Great report…I have won several fantasy leagues over the years using this report as a base for my draft. Keep up the good work!" Robert B

"The HoopsKlyce report was a great tool for my draft last year. I ended up with a second place finish but only because of unfortunate injuries late in the season. The best cheat sheet I have found to date." Kevin B

"Since we started using HoopsKlyce, we have improved literally from "worst to first" in our league. It is simply crazy to go into an auction or draft without all the data you can get. It would take me 100 hours to do what HoopsKlyce does - all for less than 20 bucks. If you like fantasy basketball, this is the best money you could ever spend." Stephen S

"I am a fifth year returning customer who has always been satisfied" Tom B

"It's the best. This is my 5th year subscribing." Mike L

"I am a very satisfied repeat customer. Thanks for your great service. I won my league last year, and your work was a major factor!" Joe F

"Returning customer who has always been served well by Hoops' insights and player valuations." Mike R

"I used your services last season. Found your draft predictions to be insightful. Felt more comfortable going into my draft with another "expert" opinion (besides mine!) to help sort out the landscape of an ever-changing league. Definitely your report helped me to base my selections on predicted results and not just the previous season's stats." Bruce E

"3rd year returning customer, you provide a great service and seem to be one of the few available." Steve L

"I have used your service for many years now, and I am always happy with the results!!! Clearly, it is my main source or guide at our draft." Evan C

"Hoops Klyce is the man! I have been using him for 4 years now and have 4 championships!" Jeff Y

"I have been a happy customer for at least two years!" Mike M

"Returning customer for 5 yrs now. Your rankings kick a$$." Charles S

"HoopsKlyce is the best service in the country for fantasy basketball. Trust me, I've tried many services over the past 18 years and HoopsKlyce is the best. This is my 5th year with “Hoops” and I've never been "out" of the money. Hoops also sent me a rating update just minutes before my draft when I couldn't find the update they had sent earlier. They are very quick to respond to your emails." Brad A

"Returning customer, league champ 3 of last 5 years" Michael M

"I have used you guys for the last three years. The service gets better each time. Thanks for all the excellent work." Adam F

"I like your service, have been using it for many years. You do a very good job and run a quality site, keep up the good work. " Tyler

"HoopsKlyce.com is the best site in town." Keith G

"I am a repeat customer for the last 4-5 yrs. You do a great job!" Todd

"I am a long-time customer. Keep up the good work!" Chad W

"Thanks for many years of great service." James M

"I have been a subscriber for a few years - You guys are the best!" Tom G

"This is my 3rd year with HoopsKlyce. Your draft help keyed a title for me last year! THANKS!" Chris M

"Have been a loyal subscriber for the past three seasons. As much as I enjoy the game, I don't always have the time necessary to properly prepare for the draft. Your service saves me significant time which seems to be at such a premium nowadays. Since subscribing, I have won my league two of the three years and would have won all three if two years ago, I had gotten back just one of the games Ray Allen missed due to injury near the end of the season. I had to end up settling for second that year." Art M

"Glad to be back for my 5th season with you." Bernardo M

"Great service. Keep up the good work." Gary L

"This is my 4th year with you (2 firsts, 2 seconds in a 10 team league)" Roger C

"Since I started using your service, I have always been in the money!! It gives me all the information I need and keeps me from having to spend hours preparing for the draft!" Jim A

"I have been using you for 3 or 4 years now, keep up the good work." John B

"I have used your great service for a few years now." Andrew D

"I have won my league 3 out of 4 years. I use a lot of fantasy resources, but the one I use as a tie breaker is the HoopsKlyce report. It includes the most complete review of players and their likely numbers for the upcoming year than any other report. I look forward to this years report and thanks for your help." Gordon R

"This will be my 5th year as a loyal subscriber." John R

"You are the king of NBA fantasy" Lars

"The pre-season updates are fantastic. The information is succinct and cuts to the chase. I haven't been looking at box scores much this pre-season but I feel like I have a good handle on what's going on with the updates." Dave

I think the draft prep you do prepared me well. I took Francis in the first round and Tmac in the second. tmac has been an absolute stud, however, I think he may have slipped to the third round so I should have taken a big man in the second. I took antonio davis as my big man and he basically single-handedly killed my field goal percentage. This was the first year that I really played the free agent market. I was signing a new guy almost daily...so your emails helped a lot. Overall, I think it was worth the money. It saved me time and effort from having to buy a bunch of roto magazines and compile their info. Overall, I didn't think a prediction or analysis you made this season was off. You were my most reliable source (of many I would check). Thanks, Danny W

My team right now is playing in the finals of ESPN fantasy league. HoopsKlyce has helped me a great deal in deciding which players to pick, which are hot or not. It was a tremendous help and will definitely sign up again next year. Tony D

The player ratings helped me out tremendously. It definitely gave me the edge of which players to trade for. Although I had big name players, his rating may not have been in the top 20, so when I would make an offer to other owners for say smaller name players (who were actually in the top 20) they wouldn't think twice about the deal. In addition, I would usually get 2 to 3 players for my one. Thanks for another great year Hoops! Since I've been a member to your site I've finished in 1st, 2nd (lost by ONE point) and again this year 1st. See you next year! Scott

I am about to finish in 1st for the second year in a row. This is the first year I have used your service. Did I learn any lessons? Probably a few, but no major ones. However, I have been in this league for years, so not any major learnings anymore. I did rely on your service for 2 major impacts on my season: 1) Beginning of the year rankings. Customized to our league, they are invaluable. 2) Daily updates. Also, invaluable. Keeps you on top of the NBA with less time needed that any other alternative. Thanks, D.

Happy to Report that: A) I won my league. B) I didn't really have a working knowledge of basketball nuances. And knew enough about rotisserie to know that I had NO time to prepare for the draft. C) I exclusively used your draft sheet and advice prior to and during our draft. D) Used your league notes throughout the year to decide who I was picking up. Thank you very much. And count me in for next year. Money well spent. Donny

My team is going to finish 3rd out of 8 - the highest I've finished previously was 6th. Using your rankings helped me to draft a better team this year and will make a better freeze list this year for next. Your rankings helped me evaluate the player pool better and that combined with my knowledge of the league I'm in led to the improvement. My team was definitely the most improved in our league. In another year or two I could be vying for the league title. Thanks Hoops! Stephen L

Hi Hoops, Used your service for the second year and have won both of my fantasy leagues the past two years!! (Getting Shaq always helps!) Thanks for the good work, it is well worth it for busy people like me who enjoy fantasy bball. Bob B

Hi Hoops! I sent you an email a little while back. I totally dominated my 10 team rotiss league this year winning the overall and 5 of 10 individual categories. This is all the more remarkable since its a 'keep 5, draft 7' league and I inherited the team that finished last in 99, used your service to finish 4th in 00 and then this year. Not only that, going into this year my keepers in 99 were Mourning, Stockton, Pippen, Van Exel, and Rodman. Using your service this year, I drafted Shawn Marion, Theo Ratliff, and Rashard Lewis in the latter half of our draft, all overlooked by the other guys. Thanks again, I'll be back next year. Roger

Hello David! I'm happy to report that I have finished my season in first place for the first time ever! I am sure that your pre-season info. and draft update had a lot to do with it. I used a lot of your advice, "especially to keep Shawn Marion in our one player keeper league, for only one bid dollar" as well as advice on player trades." I was able to trade Steve Francis for Tim Duncan at mid-season while he was an under achiever" My hat goes off to you for an excellent web site, and invaluable pre-draft information. You have a believer here in your ability to utilize information, and formulate a workable plan that is as accurate as I have ever encountered. I will be a subscriber to your service for as long as I can play fantasy basketball. Thanks for all your help," it was worth every penny"!

I had a great draft cause of the info I got. I have used it the past 3 years and made the playoffs twice, usually with my original drafted team. I can't wait until next season.

Our league decided to draft teams using an auction system, since I've been kicking butt the past couple of years using the straight draft. I informed you of this change and you promptly sent the list of players with appropriate dollar values. My brother and I used this "cheat sheet" to draft 2 separate teams in our 12 team league, each team consisting of 10 active players. As of this morning, my brother is in first place and I am in second (although I could catch him this week). We really appreciate your help, and of course, we'll be back next year. Based on your ratings, he ended up with Webber, Marbury, Pierce, Nowitski, and Baron Davis as his top 5 picks. I had Malone, Francis, Bibby, Ratliff, and Duncan. Thanks, John

I am really excited to tell you that I won my league this year. You, and the service you offer were instrumental. Specifically, I gained a competitive advantage by using your pre-season rankings as well as receiving your timely feedback on possible trades involving my team. I enjoyed your service and also enjoyed working with you this season. Be assured that I will be back next season as a repeat customer! Paul A

Thanks for tons of insights and good information both before and during the season. I read your Fast Break every morning and grew to enjoy it a great deal. You're quite an insightful hoop-ologist, and a great writer as well. I drafted my team almost entirely off of your recommendations, and for the first time in five years took first place out of nine teams. You had some great sleeper picks -- Shawn Marion, Lamar Odom, Ben Wallace, Theo Ratliff -- all of whom had career years, and all of whom I picked up later than they would be drafted if the draft were held today. Thanks for the tips. See you next year. Adam D

I believe there's a positive correlation between your service and my success. What I found most helpful were your fastbreak updates noting who got hurt, who is emerging, who is slumping, etc. In this day of instant information, it's helpful to have a resource that can provide info or details that I may have missed. For that, your service is worth it. With regards to the rankings you provided for my league, there were some hits (Shaq, VC, KG) and some misses (Eddie Jones, Shareef, Croshere.) But all in all, your list was good. Thanks for the great year. Ramadan H

My league has (in my opinion) pretty knowledgeable basketball fans, so it's a dog fight every year. Anyway, I finished in 3rd, which is "in the money" so I'm pretty happy. It's my 4th time in 5 years to finish in the money so I can take pride in that. I find your service to clearly be my secret weapon. Thanks for the pre-season ranker and for the daily updates. Josh

I've had the best season that I've had in years, largely due to better draft preparation using the information you provided. Moreover, I was able to do it in less time and with more focused effort. John R

I finished second this year, continuing my six year streak of finishing either first or second. As usual, your rankings, comments and insights were very helpful. Thanks for your help and for making the season thoroughly enjoyable. Chad

Thanks to HoopsKlyce, I jumped up from second to last place to fourth to finish in the money! The HoopsKlyce Pre Season rankings gave me a secret edge on draft day and enabled me to snag the overlooked players that got me out of the blocks quickly. You can bet I will be signing up for another exciting year and hopefully destroy all comers. Craig

My brother and I used your rankings at out auction. I caught him during the final week of the season to finish in first place! In our 12 team league, my brother wound up in second. We cashed in big time! Thanks for all your help. Obviously, we'll be back next year. Thanks, John

My very busy schedule leaves me little time to prepare for a fantasy basketball league. I used the Hoops Klyce draft day cheat sheet exclusively for my automated draft. I made no trades during the season and picked up free agents (I think I picked up 2 the whole season) based on your player rankings. I finished first in my league which just goes to show how accurate your draft day lists are. I'll be back again. Thanks, Lance

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