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2006-07 Preseason Notes - Week 4:

The following Preseason Notes were sent out to subscribers (via email) during the fourth week of the preseason.  They are now shown here for other potential future subscribers to view sample content.
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October 27th preseason notes 

Robert Swift, center for the Sonics, will miss the season with a knee injury.  Swift had been projected to split time with Johan Petro.  Ordinarily this would represent an opportunity for someone like Petro to step up and have fantasy value however he has not shown this type of potential yet.  Swifts injury will like give the Sonics more reason to play Nick Collison who has played well in the preseason. 

Marvin Williams broke a bone in his hand and will be out 6-8 weeks.  Players to potentially see more playing time are Josh Childress and Shelden Williams.  Sheldon Williams may be available in your league and with the extra playing time has the potential to contribute points, rebounds, and blocks. 

October 26th Preseason Notes 

Rookie Marcus Williams is averaging 15.5 pts and 6.6 asts in 5 preseason games.  He is a viable late round selection who has the potential to contribute in the coveted assist category. 

Kyle Korver is averaging 18 ppg in 5 preseason games including shooting 56% three pointers.  It appears as he has fended off the threat to his playing time from rookie Rodney Carney. 

Rudy Gay has led the Grizzlies in preseason scoring but has shot only 39.5% FG.  He has shown multi category potential by averaging over 1 bpg and over 1 spg.   

Hakim Warrick has led Memphis in playing time in the preseason and could make for a good late round selection. 

Jason Maxiell continues to be consistent in the preseason with 14 pts and 6 reb yesterday. 

Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse played their first preseason game yesterday. 

Wally Szczerbiak is leading the Celtics in preseason scoring average.  Note that he is coming off of offseason surgery.   

Sebastian Telfair has had a good preseason averaging 15 pts on 54% FG and 4 apg. 

With TJ Ford sitting out, Jose Calderon started and had 19 pts and 7 ast. 

Eddie Griffin had 10 pts, 12 reb, and 3 bl however his playing time will likely be volatile in the regular season. 

Steve Novak has now hit 18 treys in 6 preseason games at 50% for Houston. 

Mike Bibby will miss the first couple weeks of the season with an injured finger.  Ronnie Price and Jason Hart will likely split his minutes but it should not be anticipated that either will surface with fantasy value. 

Brandon Roy had 14 pts, 8 ast, and 4 reb.  He is averaging 3.4 apg in 7 preseason games which indicates he may be better in this category than I had for his projections. 

Sean Livingston had 10 assists and 1 TO.  It appears he may be ready to take over for Sam Cassell who has been slowed by injuries. 

Robert Swift will miss some time with a knee injury.  This could translate into an opportunity for Nick Collison who has had a good preseason. 

October 25th Preseason Notes 

The article following was sent to me by a subscriber.  I have not seen this article referenced elsewhere. 

By Craig Morgan, Tribune     October 18, 2006 

Two weeks ago in Italy, Mike D’Antoni and Amaré Stoudemire had what amounted to a father-son chat. There was no wine offered. Just a simple message endorsed by owner Robert Sarver: If you don’t dedicate yourself to this team 100 percent, you won’t be playing. Stoudemire had just skipped another workout, complaining of pain in both surgically repaired knees. 

“Mike had had enough,” said a source familiar with the situation. Two weeks have passed and Stoudemire has not missed a workout or complained of pain in his knees since, although he did minimal work at Tuesday's shootaround due to stiffness. Coincidence? Hardly. 

But if you think the star forward is now a model citizen who just needs to hone his conditioning and timing, think again.  

Stoudemire’s biggest hurdle in his comeback attempt may have less to do with rust and more to do with the jersey number he is wearing this season — No. 1 — and all the attitude that it embodies. As a matter of coincidence, it is the same number microfracture poster child Penny Hardaway wore in Phoenix.  

For those keeping score, Stoudemire played 18 minutes in Tuesday’s exhibition loss to the Clippers, scoring eight points, grabbing six rebounds, missing on all four free throw attempts and a pair of spin moves in the lane.  

For those watching closely, there were periods of lack of interest and periods of coasting. Normal fare for a preseason game, maybe, but not for a guy who needs every minute of practice time he can get after sitting out most of the 2005-06 season.  

Speaking of practice, some within the organization felt Stoudemire attended Tuesday’s shootaround in body only. The mind was elsewhere.  

So where does this leave the Suns as they head into a pivotal season for this incarnation of the franchise?  

In one heck of a pickle.  

If Stoudemire gets back to 100 percent, it’s easy. Most figure the Suns as championship material and the chemistry will come in time.  

But if he’s not 100 percent — physically or mentally — what does D’Antoni do?  

Does he use him as sixth man and wait patiently for him to regain his former glory?  

Does he bog down a team that established its own identity in his absence in advancing to the Western Conference finals?  

Can he afford to do either given the brutal start to the Suns’ schedule, which includes two games against the Clippers and one each against San Antonio, Dallas and Memphis in the first seven?  

“It’s a little touchy,” said guard Steve Nash, who made it clear last season that the Amaré-less Suns were an unselfish, fluid and fun bunch to conduct.  

Nobody knows if Stoudemire will rewind the clock to 2004, or if he will stay healthy the entire season.  

Although the left knee will eventually need more work because microfracture is a temporary fix, not a solution, Suns doctor Tom Carter thinks the right knee will be a greater immediate issue because Stoudemire has chronic arthritis in it.  

“He’s going to have to cope with periodic flare-ups,” Carter said.  

And when he does, the Suns will have to walk a fine line between babying and bullying him.  

“People can say what they want but nobody knows what kind of pain I have in my body but me,” Stoudemire said. “Nobody knows what I can and can’t do but me.”  

Time is running out for Stoudemire and the Suns to find the answer to that latter puzzle.  

Soon, D’Antoni will have to dust off his best Bono and tell Stoudemire the Suns are ready to move on: “With or without you.” 

October 23rd Preseason Notes 

Peja Stojakovic's ranking may seem low to some however he has not been giving much incentive to increase it.  In four preseason games he is shooting 35% including only 24% from three point land. 

You can't make much from the Spurs last box score considering all five projected starters DNP.  Given the opportunity, none of the other players did much to distinguish themselves. 

Steve Novak of the Rockets continues to look like a Kyle Korver Jr as he hit 3 treys yesterday.  It is time to give him more consideration as a player to offer support in the three point category. 

Laker's Andrew Bynum had 16 pts, 9 reb, and 1 bl in 25 minutes.  Injuries to Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm could give him early season playing time. 

Luke Walton has been leading the Lakers in assists in the preseason at 4 apg.  Also, yesterday he had 19 pts and 5 reb.  He has shown potential in the past but has not produced on a consistent basis. 

Leandro Barbosa had 19 pts and 5 stls.  He could pay some dividends as a late round selection. 

Chicago rookie Tyrus Thomas has had a solid preseason showing the ability to contribute in multiple categories.  He is averaging 10 pts, 4 reb, 2 stl, and 1.8 blk in 22 mpg. 

With many drafts coming up, the issue that the highly ranked Kobe has not played yet lingers.  You are justified to skip over him if that makes you uncomfortable. 

October 22nd Preseason Notes 

Notes from games of Oct 22

Larry Hughes had a nice effort with 14 pts, 8 ast, 7 reb, and 2 stl.  His stock is low after last season and he could end up paying big dividends as a late round selection. 

Jason Maxiell had 21 points, 8 reb, and 2 stls in 30 minutes.  He has had an excellent preseason and you would be justified to take a flyer on him after 130 players or so have been taken regardless of where he shows on your depth chart.  Do this realizing you may need to waive him soon in the regular season but I am feeling good about Maxiell at this point. 

Raptors Kris Humphries had 16 pts and 9 reb.  He has had a good preseason and could earn some time at SF during the regular season.

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