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March & April 2007 Regular Season Notes

The following Notes were sent out to subscribers (via email) during March and April, 2007.  They are now shown here for other potential future subscribers to view sample content.
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4/10 Notes

We are in the end game of fantasy basketball.  Those in roto leagues looking to further improve their standings in the remaining days would be wise to examine their standings in each of the stat categories to see where they could stand to benefit most.  For example, it may be evident that your team is locked in your standing in all but the block category.  Therefore the only players who may help improve your standing would be those who block shots.  Your starting lineup and free agent pickups should be guided accordingly. 

All managers might be mindful to pick up and/or start players still going hard to get into the NBA playoffs - for example players from NJ, Orlando, Indiana, both LAs, Denver, Golden St, and New Orleans.  From other teams, players who are getting a chance as a result of players being shut down for the season. 


W. Herrmann has been fairly consistent as of late with Sean May out of the lineup excelling in points and three pointers.  He occasionly gets some rebounds and steals.  He is a player who may be able to help teams to the finish as many players are missing games now. 

I think the entire initial starting lineup for the Bucks (at the start of the season) was not playing last night.  E. Boykins had a tremendous night including 36 pts, 4 treys, and 9 assists. 

S. Stoudamire hit 7 treys last night and may have some April life with Joe Johnson and Josh Childress out. 

R. Foye led the Wolves in scoring with 19 pts and 5 treys. 

E. Curry fouled out before he could achieve double digits in fouls.  He ended with 9 TO. 

With Steve Francis out, M. Collins started and had 16 pts and 5 ast. 

The Celtics are not playing nearly all of their key players.  Take a look at their box scores to see what free agents may be available there. 

With Gilbert Arenas out for the season, A. Daniels had 18 pts and 12 ast.  Daniels should have good value for the remainder of the season. 

T. Kinsey has been playing very well in place of Mike Miller scoring many points and getting steals.  He should be added if available. 

Chris Paul did not play last night and could be at risk for being shut down for the season. 

T. Outlaw has been getting some playing time lately and has the potential to fill out the stat sheet on a given night. 

S. Abdur-Rahim should start for the remainder of the season with Kenny Thomas out. 

With Ray Allen out, D. Wilkins had 25 pts and 2 st. 

Josh Howard is day to day with a sprained ankle. 


Over his last two games D. Stevenson has averaged 24 pts the most recent game was with Caron Butler in the lineup.  Lately he has been taking and making more 3 pointers as well as getting some steals. 

J. Dixon seems to be the one to benefit from the injury to Garbajosa as the Raptors moved Anthony Parker to small forward.  Yesterday he had 18 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast, and 2 treys. 

S. Pavlovic has scored in double figures in 7 of his last 9 games and had 6 treys yesterday. 

J. Boone has been on a crazy hot streak making 21 of 24 shots over his past two games.  He played over 20 minutes in two consecutive games for the first time this season. 

K. Perkins played a season high 46 minutes in a double overtime game yesterday.  He ended with 11 pts, 12 reb, and 4 bl.  The Celtics chose to play their starters most of the game. 

J. Hart has started the last 11 games for the Clippers at point guard.  Yesterday he had 16 pts, 6 reb, and 5 ast.  He does not provide three pointers but he does typically get steals. 


With J. Garbajosa joining  A. Bargnani with a season ending injury, it is time to once again take note of the Raptors playing rotation during their next game.  Those feeling lucky may want to take a chance on picking up Joey Graham  or Juan Dixon.  One must assume that Morris Peterson will continue to be out of favor but he would seem a natural to fill Garbajosa's role. 

N. Hilario is coming off strong games which were on back to back nights.  He has averaged 21 pts, 13 reb, 2 st., and 1.5 blks.  While there are reports of his knee continuing to be in pain, his per minute rebound averages in March seem to indicate there has been no impact on his performance.  

B. Roy missed a game because of the birth of his child.  Martell Webster had a good game in his place but can be expected to be back on the bench soon.  This was a key season for Webster where he did not emerge.  Given his still young age, he should be given another chance next season. 

J. Howard could have some fantasy value while Chuck Hayes is out with an injury.   

Emeka Okafor will reportedly return from a calf injury on Wednesday night. 

Good players on bad teams may be at risk to be sat for the remainder of the season.  Candidates include Paul Pierce, Andre Iguodala, and Mike Miller. Be prepared for that.  In my opinion, Okafor's absence was extended since he was on a bad team hoping for more ping pong balls.  


Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva will miss the remainder of the season with injuries.  This could represent an opportunity for B. Skinner to have value for the rest of the season.  Skinner has quietly been starting for the Bucks since mid February but now they will need an increase in playing time and rebounds from him.  Yesterday Skinner had 11 pts, 11 reb, and 3 bl however don't expect him to typically score in double figures. 

Ray Allen may miss the rest of the season.  In the past when injuries have given him playing time, E. Watson has been productive.  Yesterday Watson had 15 pts, 4 treys, and 5 assists.  Typically he will also contribute steals. 


Over his last two games J. Magloire is averaging nearly a double double and one block. His playing time for his last game could have been partially attributed to the absence of Zach Randolph who is out for personal bereavement for at least one more game. 

Injuries to Knicks such as Quentin Richardson and David Lee have given R. Balkman getting more playing time.  He has shown the ability to make good contributions in blocks, steals, and rebounds on a per minute basis.  Channing Frye is also now day-to-day with an eye injury. 

W. Green had 20 pts yesterday but it is tough to endorse him even in deeper leagues due to a lack of contributions elsewhere.  With Andre Iguodala apparently slowed with a back injury, the Sixers needed to count on Green for some offense. 

W. Herrmann has scored in double figures in his last four games but he rarely gets assists, blocks, or steals. 

M. Moore had 4 blocks, 12 pts, 9 reb, and 2 stl yesterday.  The 4 blocks were a season high for him. 

Andrea Bargnani had an appendectomy that could have him out for the remainder of the season.  This could represent a chance for Morris Peterson to have some of his lost fantasy value restored. 


B. Wallace has been on a scoring binge having reached double figures in points for 3 consecutive games for only the second time this season. Two games ago he took an astonishing 21 FG attempts which was by far a season high.  The Celtics would perhaps have been well advised to foul him before letting him shoot so much as he continues to struggle at the line.  He has been providing his usual strong rebound numbers but has also been helping in assists with 14 over his last 3 games. 

The last time M. Peterson scored 11 points or more was Feb. 14th.  Even those in deeper leagues at this point may want to fish for someone else for the home stretch.  The addition of Andre Bargnani and Anthony Parker is the reason for his slide this season.  

Over his last three games T.J. Ford has averaged 20.7 pts, 13.3 ast, and 2.6 spg.  While he is also averaging 4 TO/game, which is kind of high, his A/to ratio is 3.3:1 which is very good. 

S. May has returned from his third injury absence and has been posting some decent numbers as a starter.  Yesterday his had 20 pts and 12 rebounds.  Those with Emeka Okafor will naturally want to put May on their team as he will have an opportunity to replace some of Okafors numbers (not his blocks) while he is out. 

Recently K. Perkins has been putting up some of his better numbers on the season.  His strength is rebounds and blocks but his scoring has seen some improvement. Not his foot pain is reported to be on-going.  

R. Gay has continued to improve.  Over his last 7 games he is averaging 16.6 points, 7 reb, 1.4 bl, and 0.9 treys.  Future improvement would include the steal and assist categories.  

C. Hayes has started the last six games for the Rockets. He has been able to provide some points, rebounds, and steals. 

Despite a broken nose, L. Aldridge has emerged in his last two games for the Blazers.  He should be picked up if available.  He can provide points, rebounds, and blocks. 

Rookie Rajon Rondo has started the last four games for the Celtics and he has shown the potential to make impacts in the assist and steal categories.  


With Ron Artest out indefinitely with legal problems, John Salmons could be poised to have some fantasy value. 

Jason Maxiell started for Rasheed Wallace and played 33 min and had 10 pts, 8 reb, and 2 stl.  These extended minutes may have been specific to the matchup with Golden State.   Wallace is day-to-day with a sprained foot. 

Brian Cook is coming off a 22 pts, 14 reb, 1 st game.  With Luke Walton out a least a week and Lamar Odom and Radmanovic out longer than that, his playing time should be relatively safe. 

Troy Hudson has been playing sporadically all season but was given 46 minutes of playing time in his last game and had 26 pts, 8 ast, and 2 st.  Randy Foye has recently become out of favor and Mike James has been in and out all season.  Hudson would be a risky acquisition considering his history this season. 

Baron Davis and Jason Richardson were both in the lineup for the first time since Dec 30th.  As a result M. Ellis played only 26 minutes but considering his overall performance this season I would think the Warriors will find a way to give him playing time. Also, Stephen Jackson still has the potential to miss time with a toe that is not 100%.

E. Jones had his best game of the season with 21 pts, 3 st, and 4 treys as he fills in for D. Wade.  Wade is expected to return in 2-3 weeks and then have off season surgery. 

Marvin Williams played limited minutes with a back contusion Monday night. 


Joel Przybilla is expected to miss the rest of the season after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his knee.  He had been starting recently but typically playing around 13 minutes.  It is interesting to note that Joel ends his season having averaged more fouls than points.  LaMarcus Aldridge had been averaging around 21 minutes with Przybilla in the lineup.  Were he to get all of JP's 13 minutes per game, as he should, he would be at 34 minutes a game going forward.  Yesterday Aldridge had 30 points including 12-19 FG and 6 rebounds.  He should be added to your team if possible considering he likely has C eligibility also. 

L. James  had 39 pts which matched his high for the season. Note he was 4-8 ft and is shooting only 67% for the season - a reason why he is not rankings as high as you might expect in leagues with FT%.  Owners with Lebron (who likely took him #1 overall) may want to consider trading him for a player who rates higher in their category group.  After all, who would say no to Lebron?  Candidates for this trade would include Kobe and Nowitzki.  Even Arenas who just went through a cold spell and may be in bad favor with his current owners. 

The LA Clippers placed Sam Cassell on IL with an injured groin.  With Livingston also out, there is an opportunity for Daniel Ewing to see more playing time. 

Did you even notice that D. Gibson has started the last 13 games that he has played for the Cavs?  He is getting 1.5 treys per game but averaging only 7.4 pts. 

Rodney Carney has a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder.  This could make Willie Green playable once again.   

Earl Boykins is expected to be out 3 weeks with torn ligaments in his thumb. 

Martell Webster had 20 points including 7-10 FG and 4-6 3-pointers.  This is his best offensive performance since Dec 10th but came against a Charlotte team that without Emeka Okafor was offering little resistance. 

Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison should both be in the lineup for the Wizards tonight giving a blow, if not eliminating, and value Jarvis Hayes and DeShawn Stevenson had. 

Ray Allen is day-to-day with an injured foot. 

Shawn Marion is day-to-day with a hand injury. 

Andrea Bargnani is expected to miss two games for personal reasons.  Morris Peterson could see more playing time.  

Steve Francis may play tonight. 

Yao Ming has been upgraded to day-to-day.

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