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November 2006 Regular Season Notes

The following Notes were sent out to subscribers (via email) during November, 2006.  They are now shown here for other potential future subscribers to view sample content.
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11/30 Notes
Sean May has averaged 20 pts, 12 reb, and 2 bl in his last two games but this comes right after not scoring in two games and playing less than 10 mpg.  He is worth taking a chance on but realize for now his playing time could be quite variable.  

Chris Duhon has continued to earn more playing time since being put in the starting lineup for Ben Gordon.  He has played over 30 min in his last three games and has provided his fantasy teams pts, treys, steals, and some assists.   

Joel Przybilla returned to play his first game in a while.  He had 10 reb and 1 bl in 23 min.  He is a candidate to help in the block and rebound categories.  

It appears Nazr Mohammed will settle in as a 20 mpg player for Detroit just as he has for his entire career erasing hope would earn the minutes made available by Ben Wallace leaving. 

Shaun Livingston showed his potential the other day with Sam Cassell out.  He had 20 pts, 5 reb, and 4 ast.  However Cassell has returned although he did not start in his most recent game. 

Shavlik Randolph will be out with a broken ankle.  This is significant in that it may be what it takes for Chris Webber to return to the court AND get decent playing time. 


R. Foye has been emerging for the Wolves.  In his last two games he is averaging 16 pts which is 10 pts over his season average.   

Jason Kapono has been seeing more playing time and the three point specialist has hit 6 treys in the last three games for the Heat. 

Matt Barnes has started the last two games for the Warriors and has averaged 18 pts, 7 reb, and 2.5 treys.  This run of fantasy value will likely be short lived as the Warriors get healthier (Pietrus, Davis, and Diogu did not play). 

11/27 Notes

M. Jaric has seen increased playing time recently as a result of Mike James struggling to be effective.  James has not scored in his last two games.  In his last two games, Jaric has averaged 31 min, 11.5 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast, and 1 stl.  Owners of James may want to consider picking up Jaric as insurance if he is available.  

Channing Frye will be out 3-6 weeks with an injury.  This should propel D. Lee to have fantasy value in many leagues.  He has the capability to average a double double. 

Dorell Wright has started the last two games for the Heat and has been excelling in the rebound category as he receives extended playing time.  As a starter, he is now a viable free agent pick up in many leagues. 

Speedy Claxton has been playing poorly this season as his owners know.  Decisions will need to be made on whether to ride it out or take a chance on an emerging player like Wright or David Lee. 

T. Outlaw once again showed his potential when given playing time by getting 22 pts, 2 stl, 1 bl, and 1 trey.  His playing time though will likely remain erratic as he is not a starter. 

11/22 Notes

Luther Head has been averaging 23 mpg on the season and providing 2 treys per game.  With Kirk Snyder out 8-10 weeks with an injury, Head may get the additional playing time he needs to be playable in some fantasy leagues. 

Over his last three games Jamaal Tinsley has averaged 16 pts and 7 ast although FG% will likely continue to be a problem with him.  Owners should not forget his injury history. 

Carmelo Anthony has been giving his owners lots of goodies but has also stung them with 4.9 TO per game including 10 yesterday. 

My gut tells me Webber is sitting out games and saying his back hurts.  I wonder really if AI needed to sit out with a bad tooth or whether he is showing his support of Webber's protest.  I expect Webber's DNPs may be chronic.  If so, Shavlik Randolph may have a shot at fantasy value.  Yesterday Randolph had 9 pts, 9 reb, 1 stl, and 1 bl. 

Yesterday Damon Jones had 21 pts and 5 treys as Larry Hughes was a DNP. 

Dan Gadzuric had 13 pts, 11 reb, and 1 bl.  He may have some value with Charlie Villanueva out for a couple weeks. 

Dorell Wright has been up and down with playing time.  Yesterday he had 10 pts and 12 reb.  He has shown the ability to contribute in multiple categories on a per minute basis. 

Kwame Brown had 10 pts and 14 reb and Andrew Bynum played only 17 minutes.  I still feel Bynum will continue to have value. 


Hakim Warrick has demonstrated proficiency in points and rebounds as evidenced by his 26 pt, 10 rebound performance yesterday but a lack of steals, blocks, assists, and FT% makes him an average fantasy player in roto leagues at best.  His owners likely got him at a reasonable price and may want to consider trading away this young version of Zach Randolph. 

Warrick's teammate, Kyle Lowry also had a nice game yesterday with 16 pts, 5 stl, 5 reb, and 6 ast.  For the season he is averaging 18 mpg and showing strong per minute averages in steals and assists.  Eddie Jones did not play in this game 

Marquis Daniels has seen an increase in playing time recently and has 9 steals in his last three games.  In his last game he started for the Pacers in place of Stephen Jackson. 

Shaun Livingston has scored only 6 points in his last three games while averaging around 21 mpg.  It will take an injury to Sam Cassell for him to have value so be prepared to react if this happens.   

Devin Harris has scored in double figures in his last three games and seems playable again after a slow start.  I expect him to be decent while playing but he has not shown he can stay healthy. 

Yesterday Paul Millsap 20 pts, 7 reb, and 2 st.  Kirilenko did not play in this game.   

Richard Jefferson returned to play yesterday but note that Antoine Wright still got 38 minutes of playing time. 

Monta Ellis is good with Baron Davis and Jason Richardson in the lineup and really good when one (Baron Davis) is out.  Yesterday Ellis had 31 pts, 7 ast, and 3 stl.  He looks like a keeper. 

Marvin William is expected back by mid-December. 

It appears David West will be out at least another week. 

Josh Boone should be ready to go in December.  Those looking to get lucky with a free agent may want to keep an eye on him. 

11/18 Notes

Jorge Garbajosa started at center for the Raptors yesterday and played 40 minutes which was twice his season average.  He ended with 10 pts, 8 reb, and 4 st.  Note he also has potential to contribute treys from the center position.  While he won't continue to get 40 minutes, he now appears to be a candidate for teams needing a second center. 

Willie Green has averaged 27 minutes in his last 3 games.  With Chris Webber now in a secondary role, the Sixers may be looking to him for some offensive production - the only thing he has to offer.  Last night he delivered with 20 pts. 

Amare Stoudemire played a season high 37 minutes and had 23 pts and 10 rebounds. 

Erick Dampier has supplanted DeSagna Diop as the Mavericks starting center and has played over 30 minutes in his last two games.  Last night he had 22 pts, 15 reb, and 2 bl.  He is not a lock to continue getting 30+ minute runs but is certainly worth taking a chance on. 

Stromile Swift has averaged 31 minutes in his last three games and seen progressively better offensive production.  Last night he had 21 pts, 7 reb, and 2 bl. 


Charlie Villanueva will be sidelined for at least four weeks due to a torn ligament in his elbow.  As a result, Dan Gadzuric and Brian Skinner will likely go from playing around 10 mpg to about 24 mpg.  So Charlie's injury does not appear as if it is fertile ground for nabbing someone with emerging fantasy value. 

Kenyon Martin will miss the remainder of the season after undergoing knee surgery.  Eduardo Najera has been starting but he is not the type to have much value even as a starter.  Reggie Evans could eventually win more playing time and offer teams support in the rebound category. 

David Lee is coming off a 10 pt, 15 reb performance although Channing Frye will likely continue to start.  Lee is a player to keep your eye on if available. 

The situation with Chris Webber could get worse before it gets better as he has complained about his role and asked to be traded.  He missed Thursdays practice with back soreness.  If he was playing more I am sure he would have found a way to practice.  His upside would be if the Sixers managed to trade him however that would seem tough to do. 


Yesterday Dorel Wright had 13 pts, 4 bl, and 3 treys however his playing time is still inconsistent.  Shaq did not play in this particular game. 

Emeka Okafor has been paying huge dividends for those who got him (likely with a relatively cheap mid round selection).  Yesterday he had 25 pts, 16 reb, and 7 bl and his averages for this season are far improved over those from last season.  There is no reason for him to not continue at a high level of play. 

Sean May has shown an improvement in shot blocking averaging 1.6 bpg this season compared to 0.5 bpg last season.  This helps his value in roto leagues.  He also has good potential in the point and rebound categories.   Yesterday he had 18 pts and 11 reb. 

Rookie Sergio Rodriguez had 8 ast in only 12 minutes for the Trail Blazers yesterday. 

Over his last two games Luol Deng is averaging 22 pts, 11 reb, 1.5 stl, and 1 bl.  This type of production will make it more difficult for Tyrus Thomas to see court time. 

The Bulls moved Ben Gordon back to the bench last game with Chris Duhon starting but he still played 35 minutes.  He should continue to be productive whether he starts or not.  Note there will be nights where he is cold and misses many shots but for the most part he will have decent fantasy value. 

Morris Peterson was also moved to the bench.  This presents more risk for him than someone like Gordon.  Fred Jones started for Peterson.  It is doubtful this will translate into fantasy value for Jones.  I would expect Peterson to eventually win back his playing time however a negative reaction from him (which I have read about) will not work in his favor. 

As his owners realize, Chris Kaman is off to a bad start including fouling out in 18 minutes yesterday and shooting only 37.5% FG on the season.  His stats are down across the board.  Note that he signed a big contract just before the season began. 

Andris Biedrins is shooting 81% FG (yes field goal) on the season although he is averaging just 8.5 ppg.  The return of Ike Diogu may present some threat to his playing time. 

Chris Mihm is now out for the season with his ankle injury removing his threat to the playing time of Andrew Bynum.   

David West will miss a couple games with an injured finger. 


Kwame Brown played in his first game for the Lakers this season.  Despite the presence of Brown, Andrew Bynum received 29 minutes of playing time which was just at his season high.  Other players such as Ronny Turiaf and perhaps Vladimir Radmanovic will likely take the hit in playing time with Brown's return.  Luke Walton may also see some impacts but it is my sense the Bynum should continue to see playing time.  This situation may change though when Chris Mihm returns.  

Stromile Swift has started the last two games for the Grizzlies.    Yesterday he had 9 pts, 7 reb, and 3 bl in 31 minutes. 

Rookie LaMarcus Aldridge played his first game for the Trail Blazers.  He had 10 pts and 8 reb in only 19 minutes. 

Luther Head has hit 8 treys in his last three games. 

Andrei Kirilenko is expected to miss several games with his ankle injury.  Rookie Paul Millsap could benefit.  In his last game he had 15 pts, 5 reb, 1 stl , and 2 bl.  


I. Udoka has started all 6 games for the Trail Blazers this season but his production really has not warranted him being acquired in most leagues. You should key your eye on him thought to see if that changes as he is getting playing time. 

A. Wright has gotten some decent playing time in his past two games and has responded by scoring some points but he has not done much beyond that. 

After a slow first four games, Kendrick Perkins' last two games including tonight have been more productive.  In his last game he blocked 4 shots and tonight he had 12 pts, 11 reb, and 2 bl.  If recently waived or available, he is a player to consider.  

Through 7 games, C. Frye has been very unproductive which was quite an unexpected scenario from the second year player.  For the time being he has continued to start for the Knicks however that may not last long.  You would be justified to give up on him in leagues with 130 or less if you have an good alternative.  

Grant Hill did not play tonight as the Magic don't want him playing in the second game of back to back nights.  This is an aggravation a fantasy manager does not need. 

Ben Gordon is on a little bit of a cold streak.  He should turn it around. This represents an opportunity for gamblers to trade for him. 

Yesterday the Warriors started M. Ellis along with Jason Richardson and Baron Davis.  Signs continue to point towards Ellis maintaining his playing time and fantasy value for the Warriors.   

I. Diogu  has not been playing because of a sprained ankle.  I still think he has a nice upside and the Warriors may likely be forced to play him for his rebounding skills.  He may be available after a slow start and you should consider him as an option. 

Similarly, R. Foye has gotten off to a slow start, not playing more than 10 minutes in his first three games.  In his past two games he has been seeing more than twice that playing time.  He is a player who if stashed on your bench may pay dividends later in the season.  The question a fantasy manager needs to answer is whether they can afford to let certain players like Diogu and Foye ride the bench in hopes of them emerging.   


A. Biedrins has started the last three games for the Warriors.  Yesterday he played 35 minutes and had 10 pts, 5 reb, and 6 bl.  He also has historically shot a very high FG%. 

D. Wright had another multi category game with 9 pts, 5 reb, 6 ast, 1 stl, and 2 bl in 27 minutes.  The incentive to pick him up has strengthened.  

S. Claxton is now shooting 15% FG in his first 4 games.  T. Lue is getting more playing time as a result.  Lue played 35 minutes yesterday compared to only 14 min for Claxton.  Those with Claxton should consider benching him and picking up Lue. 

11/6 Notes 

S. O'Neal did not play due to a sore knee.  He surprised even the coaching staff before the game by not playing.  He is considered day to day. 

D. Wright got 29 minutes of playing time and had 15 pts, 9 reb, 3 ast, 2 st, and 1 bl for the Heat.  He is a third year player for the Heat who has not played much in his first two seasons.  At this time he is a player you should just continue to watch unless you are in a deep league and have a player to waive. 

Through his first three games K. Korver is averaging 18.7 ppg included 82% from three point territory.   

Orlando was a fantasy graveyard yesterday as the team recorded only eight assists and 8 players logged more than 20 minutes. 

C. Hayes started his second game in a row for the Rockets yesterday.  He has having a tough time staying on the court as he has 11 fouls in his last 40 minutes of playing time.  But take note that yesterday he had 10 rebounds in only 22 minutes of play.


While expectation for Tim Thomas were low heading into this season with the Clippers, he has started in 2 of their 3 games and has been productive averaging 30 mpg.  Although he is shooting less than 40%, he is averaging 12.7 ppg, 8.3 rpg, and 3 ast.  He is worth taking a flyer on in leagues with more than 120 players. 

Through three games Luke Walton is averaging 15 pts, 5 reb, 3 ast, and 1 stl.  He has also been hot hitting 62% FG.  He is also someone to consider taking a flyer on. 

In three games Quentin Richardson is averaging 21 pts, 2 treys, 8 reb, and 57% FG.   

Chris Duhon is averaging 13 pts on 52% FG in his first three games including 1.7 spg.  Considering he is still a career 38% FG shooter it can be assumed his offensive numbers will cool down. 

In three games Monta Ellis is averaging 15.7 ppg on 51.7 FG% however has not done much outside of points. 

In three games Ronnie Turiaf is averaging 12.7 ppg, 5 reb, and 1.7 bpg. 

Yesterday Travis Outlaw had 18 pts, 15 reb, 2 st, and a 1bl.  This shows his multi category potential.  He is worth taking a chance on if you have someone to waive. 

Nov 3 Notes

F. Oberto started for the Spurs but played only 15 minutes.  F. Elson was the most productive Spurs center playing 26 min with 12 pts, 6 reb, and 2 bl.  Those in deeper leagues may want to monitor Elson if they need a center. 

J.R. Smith had a nice debut for the Nuggets after an un-noteworthy preseason.  He took 11 three pointers making 4 of them and finished with 21 pts in a game where Carmelo Anthony was ejected after 20 minutes of playing time.  You would be justified in taking a flyer on Smith since there is decent chance he can maintain a role as a starting SG. 

Nene was productive in 15 minutes off the bench giving hope to the possibility of him making a full recovery from last season's knee injury. 

S. Cassell dominated the Clippers offense not leaving many shots for others and not much playing time for Shaun Livingston.  This comes as a surprise for Livingston who should typically see more court time but perhaps he needed the rest a he played 39 min the night before.  

Nov 2 Notes 

Anthony Parker had 22 pts, 2 treys, and 2 stls.  He had healthy playing time as the starting SG and has a good chance to maintain this role through the season. 

Etan Thomas started and had 14 pts (7-7 FG) and 2 bls in 22 minutes.  He is a consideration in deep leagues but should not see extended playing time often.  He typically won't make all of his shots also (obviously).  

Andrew Bynum had a great opening night but came back to more expected levels of production in his second game.  While the first game was tempting, his further downside is the return of Chris Mihm and Kwame Brown. 

Hakim Warrick started and had 22 pts and 12 reb in 42 minutes.  He is a viable free agent pickup. 

While I think Sarunas Jasikevicius will be improved this year after having spent a year in the NBA now, his 20 pts yesterday on 5-6 FG should not happen that often.  If Tinsley gets hurt, he should then be reconsidered if available. 

Sean May had a double double with Primaz Brezec out for two weeks.  May is a viable free agent pick up particularly in fantasy points leagues.  

Emeka Okafor showed opening night that perhaps he was a preseason sleeper. 

Josh Childress got bonus minutes as starters including Josh Smith struggled.  He finished with 15 pts and 10 reb.  He should get plenty of playing time off the Hawks bench. 

Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes each came off the bench as the Celtics played Paul Pierce essentially as a PF.  Pierce delivered with 19 reb.  Gomes still got 30 minutes of playing time with modest results. 

Owners of Larry Hughes must be excited about his opening night performance and hope that his hand troubles are behind him. 

Reuben Patterson started and played 35 minutes.  His stat line included 7 reb and 3 stls.  He is an interim consideration in deeper leagues. 

Quentin Richardson started for the injured Jared Jeffries and had 31 pts and 5 treys in a triple overtime game. 

Luke Ridnour had 22 pts, 13 ast, and 3 stls in 42 minutes.  There had been concerns about him splitting time with Earl Watson but it was not an issue on the first night.  Watson was 0-6 FG. 

Monta Ellis had 22 pts as Jason Richardson (recovering from surgery) played only 26 minutes.  Ellis remains a sleeper candidate.   

Shaun Livingston played 42 minutes as a starter.  This is a good omen for his future fantasy value. 

Amare Stoudemire played 12 minutes in his first game and 24 in his second posting 15 pts.  His owners should hope the upward trend continues.

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