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November 2007 Regular Season Notes

The following Notes were sent out to subscribers (via email) during November, 2007.  They are now shown here for other potential future subscribers to view sample content.
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11/29 Notes

Travis Outlaw had his best game of the season with 26 pts, 7 reb, and 2 stl.  He had been getting decent playing time but had not been this aggressive offensively. Considering his ability to fill out the stat sheet he deserves consideration in all formats.  Channing Frye may see less playing time as a result.

In the two games with Korver in the lineup, Lou Williams has seen less playing time and points but his assists have increased with 6 per the last two games.  Those who had them on their roster should hang on a little longer.

With TJ Ford day to day with an injury, Jose Calderson started and had 13 pts and 10 ast.

Al Horford has started the last three games for the Hawks at center and is averaging 9 rpg over the period.

Lebron James is day to day with an injured finger.  The Cavs play next on Friday.

Chris Bosh missed the second half of yesterdays game with a groin injury.

Okur is day to day with back spasms.

Jason Terry started for the first time this season and played 36 minutes but scored 12 points which is below average.

Beno Udrih has scored in double figures in 8 of his last 9 games for the Kings

Jamaal Tinsley has been hot for the Pacers with 15 pts, 10 ast, and 5 stls yesterday.  His owners should hope he stays healthy for once this season. Shawnee Williams returned to the bench in this game and played only 20 min.

With Keyon Dooling not playing and Jameer Nelson playing only 24 minutes (bruised hand), Carlos Arroyo played 24 minutes and managed 14 assists.  This is likely an isolated occurrence.

Kurt Thomas started for Nick Collison who has a broken nose and had 6 pts, 14 reb, and 2 stl.  Collison is expected to miss at least two games.

11/28 Notes

Shawnee Williams played a season high 32 minutes as a starter with Troy Murphy coming off the bench.  Williams produced 21 pts, 11 reb, and 2 treys in the Pacers victory. Jermaine O’Neal did not play as he rested his sore knee.  The Pacers say they intend to rest O’Neal until he is able to come back 100%.  It would be a good scenario for O’Neal owners for him to come back and then give a solid effort for the remainder of the season but this may be wishful thinking.  Murphy lost his starting role after failing to shoot over 50% in five straight contests.  Williams has the potential to provide some interim fantasy value but with the return of Jermaine O’Neal immanent, he should not be counted on for the long term.

Anthony Carter has the potential to fill the Nuggets need for a point guard.  Yesterday Carter had 17 pts, 8 reb, 6 ast, and 5 stls.  Mike Wilks was also waived from the roster.  Note that Chucky Atkins is still out with a groin strain.  Those in need of assist and steals may want to pay attention to Carter.

With Kirk Hinrich continuing to struggle, Chris Duhon played 26 minutes and had 11 pts and 7 ast in a Bulls win.  Those in deeper leagues with Hinrich may want to consider Duhon as insurance. In the same game, Tyrus Thomas had 12 reb in 20 minutes.  It was Thomas’ third game in a row in the starting lineup. 

After not playing in the previous three games, rookie Daequan Cook had 19 pts in 21 minutes.  At this time though he should only be a consideration in leagues with around 180 players or more as his playing time can vanish again quickly.

I normally do not comment on players we expect big things from but Lebron James performances over the past couple weeks have been extra special – even beyond the high expectations that had been set for him.

11/26 Notes

Marko Jaric has come to life for the Timberwolves in the past three games.  Over his past three games he has averaged 15 pts, 6 ast, and 1.7 stls while playing over 30 min as a starter.  He has been contributing treys and even blocks in these games.  However the projected starter Randy Foye is due back soon making his run of fantasy value potentially short.  Sebastian Telfair also had a strong game tonight with 20 pts and 8 ast.  If both guards are productive, the Timberwolves can afford to ease Foye back into the rotation slowly.

Stephon Marbury appears to be back in the good graces of the Knicks coaches.  He has had decent value since returning to the starting lineup and tonight had 28 pts, 8 ast, 2 stl, and 3 stls in a Knicks win.

11/24 Notes

Jeff Green has played more than 30 mpg over the past two games, the most playing time he has received all season.  He is showing a rebounding prowess averaging 14 per game in those two games.

Playing against the up-tempo Suns, Ruben Patterson had one of his better statistical games in a blowout loss with 18 pts, 11 reb, and 2 stl.  The point and rebound totals are his high of the season and come after having been taken out of the starting lineup (started the previous three games).

Antoine Walker has scored in double figures in his last five games and has hit a total of 13 treys over the period. 

Over the past two games Brandon Bass is averaging 30 mpg, 15 pts, and 7.5 reb.  He should continue to play a substantial role for the Mavericks particularly when Dirk plays the center position.

With Jermaine O'Neal out with a sore knee, Jeff Foster played 41 min and had 10 pts and 11 reb.  Those with O'Neal should consider Foster as a backup.

Luis Scola has scored 20 pts in three of his last four games however that other game he scored no points.  When Chuck Hayes is not effective, Scola gets more playing time.

Jason Maxiell had 14 pts and 6 reb as a starter as Rasheed Wallace DNP-sore knee.  I would guess if Detroit was playing a stronger team Wallace could have played.

Over his last five games Louis Williams has seen increasing playing time.  Yesterday he played 31 minutes and had 15 pts, 5 reb, and 4 ast.

Over his last 6 games Vladimir Radmanovic has hit 15 treys.  He is getting extra playing time recently with Brian Cook traded away.

Rudy Gay is day to day with an injured finger.

Anthony Carter played in his first game of the season for the Nuggets.  He has the potential to earn decent minutes at the PG position.

11/21 Notes

I regret to inform those who own Gilbert Arenas that he is expected miss 3 months after he incurred an injury in last Friday's game.  It appears to be an injury separate from the one he had last year.  This is the type of sudden injury that can wreck a team's fantasy season as he was likely a first round pick (or a high salary player).  Those who owned Arenas should immediately see if Antonio Daniels is available as he will likely start at least in the near term.  This might also present an opportunity for DeShawn Stevenson to play a more prominent role in the Wizards offense.  Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler will likely play a greater role as well in the next couple months.  The decision on whether to waive Arenas or not may depend on the depth of your bench.  Those with shorter benches may want to just let him go.

The Lakers traded Brian Cook and Maurice Evans to the Orlando Magic for Trevor Ariza.  The Magic are looking to fortify their front court with the signing of Cook. With the Lakers, Cook had been averaging around only 11 mpg and was very cold from the field shooting only around 19%! This could perhaps be written off to bad luck.    I foresee the maximum number of minutes Cook might earn with the Magic to be around the low twenties.  At that level of play I estimate your league would need to have at least around 150 players on rosters to give Cook any chance of fantasy value.  His value comes from being able to hit some treys from the PF position and he gets a few rebounds, blocks, and steals as well.  The potential is there, that Turkoglu's minutes could be trimmed a bit with the addition of Cook.

Ariza was having a tough time getting minutes with the Magic and that will likely continue with the Lakers.  The addition of Ariza will add an extra challenge for Luke Walton who has been a fringe fantasy player in even deeper leagues so far this season.

11/20 Notes

Daniel Gibson had 26 pts and 5 treys.  He is averaging around 2.5 treys per game and shooting over 50% from three point land.  He should continue to produce as a Cavs starter.

Shawnee Williams had 24 pts and 3 treys.  He took advantage of a couple extra minutes in a blowout loss to the Lakers.

Louis Williams had his second consecutive strong outing with 25 points in 29 minutes.  I think the Sixers will continue to find minutes for him as he has been more effective than Willie Green.

Andray Blatche took advantage of some early playing time when Brendan Haywood got in foul trouble and went on to score 26 pts on 12-14 shooting.  Those with Haywood should consider adding him as back up.  This game demonstrates Blatch's potential.

11/19 Notes

Kwame Brown sprained his ankle and knee after playing 3 minutes.  Andrew Bynum finished with 14 pts, 10 reb, and 1 block in 31 minutes, his longest playing time of the season.  He should expected to at least get similar playing time until Brown returns (no date set).  He had already been averaging nearly a double double as a reserve.

K. Hinrich has begun the season cold shooting only 33% FG.  His assists and steals have been OK but the poor shooting may start to cut into his playing time.  Yesterday he played only 24 min.  With Deng potentially slowed with a slow back, the Bulls need him to step up.

Jason Maxiell was unable to take advantage of a start as he fouled out in 16 min.

B. Udrih has been delivering after being taken from the scrap heap and thrown into the Kings starting PG position.  Yesterday he had 23 pts and 6 ast in a Kings victory.  He will continue to get playing time until things go bad for him or Mike Bibby returns.

J. Moon continues to get playing time and is showing the ability to contribute in multiple categories.  His playing time comes at the expense of Andrei Bargnani. 

Jordan Farmar has been productive lately playing a season high 24 minutes in each of his past two games.  As a result he is essentially playing half of the game and Derek Fisher the other half.

11/18 Notes

At least in shallower leagues, it looks like Tyrus Thomas, despite his potential, may be a candidate to cut.  Thomas lost his starting role to Andres Nocioni who has done well has a starter.  In his last three games Thomas has averaged only 14 min including 8 yesterday.

Ben Wallace appears as if he may be healthy now with his best game of the season including 13 reb, 6 stl, and 3 bl.

Rookie Al Thorton was a DNP- sprained ankle yesterday.  Note in the first 8 games of the season he had played only 16 mpg and was shooting only 32%.

No one on the Knicks played more than 30 minutes in a blowout loss to the Nuggets.  Expected more rotation instability in the future.

In the Grizzlies last two games Juan Carlos Navarro has emerged averaging 32 mpg and hitting 10 treys.  He has also chipped in 4 apg.  While owners in shallower league in need of treys are justified in picking him up (assuming he isalready taken in deeper leagues), it would not be unexpected for his minutes to be reduced quickly if he cools off.

Grant Hill is averaging 35 mpg over the Suns first ten games without any injury reports making him a likely draft day steal so far.  He is attempting a career high 3 treys per game but hitting only 28%.

Luis Scola has emerged in the last two games averaging 20 ppg at the expense of Chuck Hayes making him a free agent pickup candidate.

Steve Francis played in his first game of the season but was only 3-11 FG.  He had been out of the rotation.  After a hot game Bonzi Wells is 1-15 FG in his last two games likely giving Francis the opportunity and new Wells’ owners a big headache.

Andrew Bogut has been hot the last two games averaging 20 pts, 11 reb, and 4 bl.

Jannero Pargo started for Chris Paul yesterday who has a sprained ankle.  He is considered day to day. 

No one on the Jazz played more than 28 min in a blowout loss to the Pacers.

Shawnee Williams had 16 pts, 8 reb, 3 bl, 2 st, and 2 treys.  His production has been irregular though and this came in a blowout game.

While Steve Blake has continued to start, he has shot only 26% as a starter making the return of Jarrett Jack as starter a logical possibility.

Andray Blatche played a season high 26 min yesterday.  He has blocked 12 shots in his last five games.  His minutes come at the expense of Brendan Haywood.

Gilbert Arenas DNP because of a sore knee yesterday.

 Darko Milicic is day to day with a sprained thumb.

Ronny Turiaf is day to day with an ankle injury.

Corey Maggette is day to day with a strained hamstring.

Luol Deng is day to day with a sore back.

Raja Bell is day to day with a sprained ankle.

11/16 Notes

Larry Hughes will be out for about a month with a leg injury.  There are a number of players who could see an increase in value as a result including Daniel Gibson, Devin Brown, Ira Newble, Damon Jones, and Sasha Pavlovic.  It may take a couple games to see in there is a "winner" in the race to take Hughes playing time or perhaps everyone will just get a little bit more time collectively.

In his last two games Nets rookie rookie Sean Williams has averaged 10 pts, 7.5 reb, 1 stl, and 4 bl in 24 min.  Continued good play will result in him continuing to get more minutes.  Over his last four games he has played progressively more minutes.  In the three games where he played more than 19 minutes, he blocked 4 shots in each of them.

Maurice Ager played 20 minutes as a surprise starter for the Mavs yesterday.  His future role will be unstable but he is getting this opportunity while Eddie Jones is out for a couple

11/15/07  Notes

Morris Peterson had his best game of the season with 27 points including 6-9 3-pointers and 6 rebounds.  His previous high had been only 13 pts on October 31.  Owners hope it is a positive change in him and not an indictment of the shorter player guarding him (Willie Green).

Rashad McCants had 33 points including 13-22 FG and 4-7 3-pointers. Right now his fantasy value is coming almost exclusively from treys and points.  He is shooting 52% from three point range.  It must be assumed when he cools off to expected levels, his fantasy value will be mediocre.

After missing the first seven games of the season, Dwyane Wade had 15 points, 5 assists, and 3 steals.  If he plays the remaining games he will play in 75 games which is a respectable number.

Marquis Daniels had his best game of the season with 19 points and 3 steals. Troy Murphy did not play in this game.  Before he becomes desirable in most leagues he will need to continue to get steady minutes.

Gilbert Arenas had 30 points including 9-11 FT, 6 rebounds, and 11 assists - the performance his owners have been waiting for.

Bonzi Wells had 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks. With Tracy McGrady out for a week, he should get more opportunities to fill the stat sheet.

11/14 Notes

Over his last three games, rookie Jeff Green is averaging 16 pts, 6, reb, 1.33 st, and 0.7 bl.  The Sonics are 0-7 and when in blow out games like last night the playing rotation is unstable.  However the trend of late as been to give Green more playing time.

Shane Battier's struggles continue making owners in shallower league have good reason to drop him.  Perhaps just a little more patience is in order though.

The playing rotation for the Memphis guards last night was Lowry 32 min, Stoudemire 15 min, Navarro 10 min, and Conley inactive.  This happens just when there were signs that Conley could become part of the rotation.  Lowry put up mediocre numbers in his extended minutes.

Mardy Collins started for Stephon Marbury but played limited minutes due to injury.  Free Jones started for Q. Richardson and other than 7 TOs was the Knicks most productive player with 19 pts, 9 reb, 2 treys, and 3 stls.  Jones had played in only two games prior to this.  Richardson is day to day with a hyper extended elbow.  It is safe to assume Marbury will not play for the Knicks again. Renaldo Balkman left yesterdays game with an injury.  If he misses games, David Lee's playing time should spike up.

McDyess aggravated a shoulder sprain.  If he is slowed Jason Maxiell should see additional playing time.

This article discusses the Blazers current use of Jarrett Jack.  It seems after a cold start the Blazers will be finding minutes for Jack whether at PG or SG and whether starting or coming off the bench.   Yesterday he had 20 pts and 4 ast.

11/13 Notes

The New York Post reports that Stephon Marbury has left the Knicks after a feud with coach Thomas.  It seems this event has the potential to result in an extended absence for Marbury from the Knicks.  Nate Robinson is a prime candidate to see an increase in playing time (and fantasy value).

Ron Artest will return in the King's next game.  Combined with the addition of Beno Udrih, Francisco Garcia could see a sharp decrease in playing time.  Owners of John Salmons should not feel his playing time is safe either despite his good play of late.

JR Smith had 29 pts yesterday including 7-8 treys.  Owners could use this as an opportunity to trade him realizing he is at risk to lose playing time without much notice.

11/12 Notes

While Vince Carter is out with a sprained ankleAntoine Wright should get additional playing time.  Tonight Wright started for Carter and played 41 minutes however he was only 4-14 from the field.  He finished with 12 pts, 4 reb, 4 ast, and 2 stl.  On other nights though with the same playing time, Wright has the potential to fill out the stat sheet.

11/11 Notes

Let just say Brandon Roy's heel does not seem to be having any impacts as were concerns in the preseason.  He is averaging 21 pts and 6 asts however his steals are down.

Steve Blake has been averaging 36 mpg as a starter, 10 more than he had off the bench.  He main attribute as a starter is assists (9 apg).  The Blazers have won all three of his games as a starter and lost all three when he did not so it would seem for now his job security is there (despite mediocre shooting).  Jarrett Jack's productivity has actually increased coming off the bench.

After missing a game, Theo Ratliff has blocked 9 shots over two games.  He is looking like a reliable source for blocks - and his team is looking as a reliable source of losses.

Ryan Gomes struggled yesterday giving rookie Corey Brewer an opportunity to have his best game of the season with 15 pts, 8 reb, and 2 stl.

B. Udrih played 26 min off the bench for the Kings and had 9 pts and 5 reb.  He has a chance to earn more time as he gets familiar with the Kings system.

After being inactive in his first two games, Mike Conley has received progressively more playing time over the last three including 23 yesterday.  If it becomes apparent the Grizzlies are not competitive this year, his playing time could be expected to grow.

With Raja Bell out with an injury, L. Barbosa started and had 39 pts, 8 treys, 7 reb, 6 ast, and 2 stl.  Bell is day to day with a sprained ankle.

Erick Dampier's imminent return could remove Desagna Diop's marginal early season value.

Vince Carter is day to day with a sprained ankle.

Little known Jamario Moon has been eating into the playing time of Jason Kapono.

11/8 Notes

Keith Bogans through five games is averaging 33 min, 11 pts, 6 reb, and 2.6 treys as the starting SG for the Magic.  It appears JJ Redick is not in the mix at all at this point.

Channing Frye may be available in your league after his slow start.  He started yesterday and played a season high 21 minutes but has not broken out of his time share at center. Frye started at the expense of Joel Przybilla who now may be a candidate to be dropped from fantasy rosters.

Just after it was announced Jarrett Jack lost his starting role it seemed dropping him was the right thing to do as he showed little productivity in his first four games. Yesterday however he showed life with 20 pts in 24 minutes but only 1 ast and 3 to.

Sam Cassell had 35 pts and 8 ast yesterday after shooting poorly in his first three games.  It is doubtful he will come close to this often but he seems to be reliable handling the ball with a 4:1 A/TO ratio. If ever was a time to bundle up Cassell and ship him off in a deal it is now.

Rajon Rondo is not a PG who can claim he has a high A/TO with 8 total assists and 8 TO through three games.  He is however providing steals as expected averaging 3.3 over his first three games.

After five games Carmelo Anthony’s numbers are down across the sheet including only 41% FG.  Braves owners may want to take a chance to buy low for him in a trade as he is likely going through a cold spell.  The eventual return of a PG on the Nuggets could contribute to some improvement.

Ronnie Brewer continues to shoot well and rack up steals.  He had four yesterday in the first quarter alone and finished with 5 in the game.

Lamar Odom  should be returning soon.  Owners with Luke Walton should brace themselves for a potential reduction in minutes but Ronny Turiaf should be the one the that bears the brunt of the minute reduction.

Rookie Al Horford is showing a strength in rebounds, steals, and blocks early on which is a nice skill set to have.  Through four games he is averaging 11 reb, 1.5 st, and 1.3 bl.

Shaq appears as if he will be marginal at best this season as his FT% continues to sink.  His rebounding and points have also dropped dramatically.  I don’t think the shape he needs to be in is something he can play into anymore during the season.  He has arrived at the inevitable stage of a career where he is mediocre.

A. Hardaway logged 29 min at the expense of Dorel Wright and managed 8 pts, 5 ast, 4 reb, and 3 stl.  I would be impressed if he could keep up this kind of production.

Paul Millsap played 27 min and had 24 pts, 5 reb, and 5 stls.  He should remain a bench player who depends on the foul trouble of Kirlenko, Boozer, and Okur for playing time.  All three though are known to sometimes get into foul trouble as Kirilenko did last night early on.  Owners of Kirilenko should be somewhat concerned about the threat that Millsap does present in the event he continues to be hot as he was last night.

Day to Day List

Josh Howard sprained ankle

Nene Hilario thumb injury.

Larry Hughes bruised knee

Devin Harris thigh bruise

Brevin Knight  sore back

Ruben Patterson finger

Cuttino Mobley injured groin

Rashad McCants sprained ankle

Amare Stoudemire knee

James Posey  back spasms

11/7 Notes

Q. Richardson’s playing time has been decreasing and R. Balkman was a spark off the bench in his place in the Knick’s last game.  Richardson’s ineffectiveness presents an upside for his backup Balkman however considering the energy he plays with it is tough to see Balkman getting more than 30 mpg.  Yesterday he had 11 pts, 3 bl, and 1 st in 27 min.

L. Kleiza looks to be the most effective substitute for the Nuggets injured PGs.  Yesterday he had 18 pts and 2 treys but not much else.

A. Law appears to have already worked his way into the Hawks starting lineup although yesterday had 0 ast and 4 TO.

A. Wright has continued his productivity off the bench including contributing stats in multiple categories.  He has been consistent in the Nets first three games to the point where owners should give him serious consideration as a free agent acquisition.

C. Arroyo was productive in his start in place of Jameer Nelson but Nelson is expected to return soon.

S. Telfair continues to fail as a starting PG and I would think his time as a starter will be coming to an end.  The next candidate to be given a chance might be M. Jaric who had 10 pts and 10 ast yesterday.

R. Swift returned to action as a starter and played 18 min.  He may become a deep league consideration if he progresses.

P. Stojakovic made a big statement with regard to his condition after being injured last season with a 36 pt, 10 trey game.

 I Diogu will be out 4-6 weeks with torn calf muscle.   S Williams is a dark horse candidate to step up and get some playing time.  He is currently serving a suspension. 

11/6 Notes

The Mavs are committed to having J. Terry as a sixth man and that commitment has shown by having him come off the bench even when Devin Harris is not playing.  This has resulted in a 10% drop in playing time (35 to 32 mpg) through the first four games of the season but has not affected his productivity partly because he has been hot shooting 58% from the field so far.

D. Diop had 10 pts, 13 reb, and 4 blocks yesterday.  On the season he is averaging 7.5 pts, 9.3 reb, and 3.5 bl.  E. Dampier has begun practice and his eventual return will take away some of Diop’s current value.

S. Battier has begun the season cold shooting only 34% FG, 28% trey, and 67% FT.  These are all far below his career averages.  He is healthy so it should be expected he will turn things around soon.

11/5 Notes

Tay Allen has been serving as a three point specialist but has been REALLY good at it averaging 4.5 treys per game at 56%.  At some point he will cool off and perhaps settle into average value as is the case with most three point specialists.

After two easy wins, Chris Bosh finally broke the 30 minute barrier which is important for his owners looking (and depending) on the big stats from him.  His 44 minute run against the Celtics is an indication all systems are GO for him.  He delivered with 19 pts, 10 reb, and 5 blocks.   Also note that he is shooting 94% from the free throw line. 

Through three games Damien Wilkens has been a surprise stat stuffer averaging 18 pts, 7 reb, 4 ast, and 1.3 treys.  However note that Seattle is 0-3 which always puts the playing rotation at risk.

Chris Kaman has arrived in shape and is averaging 18 pts, 16.5 reb, and 2 bl in his first two games.

Sebastian Telfair has responded to his two starts by shooting only 29.6% from the field however he is at least contributing 6 ast and 2 st.  There are no recent reports on a projected return date for Randy Foye.

Ryan Gomes picked up where he left off last season from three point land and is averaging 2 treys per game at 50% shooting in his first two games.  Yesterday he had 19 pts in 36 minutes and is now a prime candidate to emerge for the Timberwolves.

Quentin Richardson is getting plenty of playing time but is receiving  very few shot attempts and is not getting many other stats either.

Miami is off to an 0-3 start which should add some urgency to the return of Wade who is reportedly close to being healthy enough to play.

Through his first three games Jason Maxiell is seeing progressively more playing time.  Yesterday he had 15 pts, 8 reb, 1 stl, and 4 bl.  I like his potential to continue to be productive particularly playing behind Antonio McDyess who may be better suited to go back to the bench.

Through three games Allen Iverson is shooting 34%.  This is a big OUCH to his fantasy owners considering the number of shots he takes.  He has been better in other areas such as steals where he is getting 3.7 per game and FT% (87%).

Marcus Camby owners should enjoy the 21 rebound game but remember that any game night can be a DNP for him.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas has begun the season averaging 14 rpg in three games.  There is no reason to believe this productivity will continue.

Raja Bell has begun the season shooting only 20%.  It appears he is being affected by a lingering injury.  I expect him to improve but the damage he may inflict until that time is uncertain.

Andrew Bynum has been very productive in limited time off the bench but has been getting in foul trouble.  Playing behind Kwame Brown he must be considered to have upside still.

The Trail Blazers have begun 0-3 while Jarrett Jack has struggled.  This could translate into Steve Blake seeing more playing time.

Amare Stoudemire is day to day with a sore knee.  He DNP yesterday.

11/4 Notes

Going against a bigger lineup, Golden State started Al Harrington for the first time this season in place of Monta Ellis.  K. Azubuike started with Monta Ellis coming off the bench.  Al Harrington had a big game with 38 pts, 6 treys, and 7 reb in the loss.  Monta Ellis played a season low 28 min and scored 11 pts on 3-10 shooting.  Note that when Stephen Jackson returns the Golden State rotation will be further muddled.  A question for fantasy owners will be whether the early season fantasy value of Azubuike will survive the return of Jackson.  In many cases he was acquired cheaply (free agent) so it just may be a case of searching for a new free agent.  Fantasy owners with Warriors on their team need to live with the volatility of the Warriors sometimes playing unconventional small lineups and sometimes bigger lineups which results in unpredictable playing time for their players.

Through his first three games Ronnie Brewer is averaging 16.7 ppg and 3 spg.  He is also showing more three point range than he has in the past which adds to his value in roto leagues.

The Bulls have opened the season 0-3 which should add some risk to Tyrus Thomas continuing to start particularly when he throws in a poor game as he had yesterday.  He is shooting only 40% FG on the season.  Joe Smith had 14 pts and 10 reb yesterday.

Jianlian was able to stay out of foul trouble yesterday and went on to score 15 pts in 33 minutes.  Through his first three games he is averaging 1.7 bl in 24 mpg.

Jarret Jack has played himself into a timeshare with Steve Blake shooting only 20% FG through the Blazers first three games (losses).  Through three games Brandon Roy's heel has not been an issue as he has been productive and playing over 37 mpg.

Bonzi Wells played a season high 26 minutes but is shooting only 39% on the year.

J.J. Barea  started for Devin Harris who did not play because of a bruised thigh. He finished with 25 pts and 5 pts on 9-11 FG.  Perhaps he can have value while Harris remains out but most likely he will return to a reserve role with little value in most leagues when Harris returns.

Josh Howard returned from suspension to have a big game and take playing time away from Eddie Jones and Jerry Stackhouse.

Mike Dunleavy has begun the season hot averaging 22 pts, 9 reb, 3.7 ast, and 1.3 treys.  It was anticipated he would fall into his past average play but perhaps he can thrive playing for a new coach, Jim O'Brien.

Kyle Lowry led Memphis with a career-high 19 pts yesterday.  Continued strong play could threaten the playing time of Damon Stoudemire.

Keith Bogans played a season high 41 minutes as JJ Redick was a DNP-CD.

Gilbert Arenas is shooting only 33% on the season and may need to get his knee drained.  He has gone through cold spells in the past but the news on his knee should be of concern to fantasy owners.

Through three games Brendan Haywood is averaging 10 pts, 13.7 reb, and 3 bl.  He is prospering not needing to share time with Etan Thomas.  This has also led to Andray Blatche receiving limited minutes.

Louis Williams ending up playing the fourth quarter in place of Willie Green as he was more effective.  Williams ended with 13 pts, 3 ast, and 2 st in 18 minutes.

Through three games Antoine Wright is averaging 27 min, 13 pts, 2 treys, and 1 bl.  He has been a key player for the Nets off the bench.

11/1 Notes

Although he only shot 32% FG, from a fantasy perspective Kevin Durant had a fine opening game as he led the team in field goal attempts by 8.  He also contributed 3 steals, 1 bl, and 2 treys, helping to offset his mediocre 5 reb output.

Damien Wilkins started at shooting guard and had 21 pts, 8 reb, 4 treys, and 1 stl.  He looks like an attractive free agent pickup if available.

Earl Watson played only 23 minutes despite Luke Ridnour not playing because of a broken nose, an injury players typically play with (protective mask).

Delonte West was very productive in 24 minutes off the bench and rookie Jeff Green opens the season in a bench role playing only 18 minutes.

Robert Swift will be held out of the first few games of the season.

Linas Kleiza followed his strong preseason with a productive game off the bench.  He had 18 pts and 5 treys and is a good free agent prospect in deep leagues.

Kenyon Martin started but played only 18 minutes (7 pt, 5 reb, 3 bl) and Nene (conditioning issues) played only 15 minutes off the bench.

Desagana Diop played 37 min for the Mavs (only 2 fouls!) and had 8 pts, 11 reb, and 4 bl.  With Eric Dampier out he is a definite consideration as a free agent C.

Lebron James had an off night with only 10 pts and 5 TOs.  He should be at his expected levels of production soon.  Larry Hughes was able to salvage his fantasy night with 7 steals.

Stromile Swift and Hakim Warrick began the season with limited roles off the bench.  Darko Milicic started, played 27 minutes, and had 8 pts, 7 reb, and 2 bl.  Milicic and Swift may end up in a center time share.

John Salmons was the major beneficiary of Mike Bibby being out.  Quincy Douby played limited minutes and also was hurt (concussion). Salmons should have value in all leagues until Bibby returns.  With Ron Artest also out, Francisco Garcia had 17 pts and 6 reb.

Peja Stojakovic got off to a good start with 19 pts and 4 treys but not much else.  His early role will be as a three point specialist.

Tyrus Thomas started but was off shooting only 1-7 FG in only 22 min and no blocks.  He also had early foul issues.  He remains a player with a big upside.

Antoine Wright had a good game off the bench with 21 pts, 4 treys, and 2 bl (OT game).  He is a free agent consideration in deeper leagues.  Realize he could drop off quickly.

Okafor will become a free agent at the end of the season.  This is important in that he should be motivated to stay healthy and put up big numbers.

Brendan Haywood started and played 29 min with 10 pts, 13 reb, and 1 bl.  He is a free agent candidate in deeper leagues.

Ike Diogu started with Troy Murphy and Jermaine O’Neal sitting out and had 13 pts and 3 reb.  O’Neal is expected to play Friday.

Carlos Delfino played 30 minutes off the bench for the Raptors and had 13 pts, 6 reb, and 2 st.  This is a larger role than was expected for him. 

Chris Bosh’s minutes may be limited as he continues his recovery from a knee injury.

JJ Redick played only 8 minutes which is less than what was expected based on his play in the preseason.  Note that he is recovering from a hand injury. Keith Bogans started but played only 17 minutes.

Bobby Simmons scored 18 pts but would approach him with caution, particularly in roto formants, due to a lack of production elsewhere.

After a shaky preseason, Morris Peterson had 13 pts and 3 treys in the opener.  He should get a steady diet of minutes at SG this season and contribute many treys.

10/31 Notes

Brandon Roy played 38 minutes but being guarded by Bruce Bowen was only 2-10 FG.  It is too early to say if his problematic heel affected his play.

Jarrett Jack started but split time with Steve Blake including Blake playing most of the fourth quarter.  This could be headed towards a time share more than first anticipated.

Joel Przybilla had a good first game with 13 pts, 10 reb, and 1 blk.  The 13 pts is out of the ordinary as he usually has more fouls than points.  He should get substantial playing time IF he can stay out of foul trouble.  Channing Frye began the season out of the rotation.

Martell Webster looks like he will be taking his offensive game to another level this season as he scored 21 pts with 3 treys.  Do not look for him to get much outside of these areas.  Travis Outlaw was limited to 19 minutes but got off 10 FG attempts.

There were not too many surprises in the San Antonio playing rotation.

Rafer Alston and Mike James were in the opening Rockets rotation and Luther Head and Steve Francis were not.

Luis Scola played only 8 minutes with Chuck Hayes starting and playing 26 minutes (4 pts, 8 reb).  It must be expected Scola’s playing time will grow.

Bonzi Wells played 18 minutes but generated 7 pts, 6 reb, and 3 stl.  Continued productivity will result in more playing time for him.

Kwame Brown started and split time with Andrew Bynum with Chris Mihm out of the rotation (8 min).  It is expected Bynum will eventually play the most center minutes and was held back in this one because of the match up with Yao Ming.  Chris Mihm is still recovering from injury and made need an injury to Bynum or Brown to get playing time.

Luke Walton received extended playing time with 39 minutes which is a good sign for the versatile player.

Ronnie Brewer started, played 27 minutes, and had 18 pts and 4 stls.  I expect he will maintain in important role for the Jazz this season and be a good source of steals.

With Okur in foul trouble, Paul Millsap had 16 pts, 10, reb, and 2 bl. 

Andrei Kirilenko got off to a good start with 9 pts, 9 reb, 8 ast, and 5 bl.  These are classic AK47 numbers and those who acquired him must be encouraged they got a steal.

K. Azubuike started and played 30 mediocre minutes.  His playing time will decline when Stephen Jackson returns from suspension.

A number of experts fell in love with Marco Belinelli in the preseason (from expert drafts I participated in) but he opened up firmly behind Monta Ellis.  Lesson learned (for those experts) is to be careful about over valuing some of the international players such as Scola and Belinelli.

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