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The Mo Williams Trade: Fantasy Sleepers
August 13
, 2008

A three team trade was made that went as follows:

Cleveland gave up Joe Smith and Damon Jones and received Mo Williams.
Milwaukee gave up Mo Williams and Desmond Mason and received Luke Ridnour
and Adrian Griffin.  Oklahoma City gave up Luke Ridnour and Adrian Griffin
and received Desmond Mason and Joe Smith.

The following point guards have the potential to benefit from the trade.

1) Ramon Sessions was a second string point guard for Milwaukee that played
in only 17 games last season.  But over his last ten games he averaged 11.5
points, 11.3 assists, 1.5 steals, and 4.9 rebounds.  While he did not take
too many threes, he did make an impressive 43% from three point land.  The
assists should attract the attention of the fantasy manager.  Getting him in
a later round and then having him emerge as the starter and rack of valuable
assists for your fantasy team has the potential to set your team on course
to a first place finish.  We will need to watch him in the preseason to see
exactly how excited to get about his prospects.

2) Russell Westbrook was the fourth overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft.  A
player taken at that level has the expectation of eventually becoming the
franchises long term starter at the position he plays.  With Oklahoma City
in full re-building mode and last year giving extended minutes to rookies
Kevin Durant and Jeff Green, look for Westbrook to have a better opportunity
for minutes with Luke Ridnour gone.  Earl Watson will likely give Westbrook
enough early season competition for Westbrook to not have a lot of value
early on, but the time will likely come where the transition to Westbrook

3) Mo Williams was not the most popular player in Milwaukee and their move
to take on Luke Ridnour and Adrian Griffin just for the opportunity to rid
themselves of him shows his prospects would not have been good with the
Bucks next season.  With his big contract, the Cavaliers will not be paying
him to sit on the bench.  The trade gives Williamsí fantasy value security
it would not have had in Milwaukee.

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